Hiking or cycling around Bad Mittendorf? Then you have to go to Tauplitz!

Tauplitz, an Alpine gem at 2000 metres above sea level, is a paradise for nature lovers. The town's stunning surroundings and varied landscape promise the ultimate in relaxation and discovery for all who visit. Starting from the Trautenfels Castle, one of the starting points of the Enns cycle route, travellers can pass through picturesque places such as the Laasen peat bog or the Ödense nature reserve. At the end of the cycle route, they will arrive at the magical Hallstatt Lake, where they can enjoy the crystal-clear water of the alpine lake and the dazzling view of the surrounding mountains.

The hiking trails also offer a fascinating experience in the Tauplitz area. Walking along the trails leading past idyllic glacial lakes and meadows, visitors can enjoy the fresh mountain air and unrivalled views in close proximity to nature. And the panoramic views from the peaks of Tranweng and Almkogel are an unforgettable experience, as the scenery is stunning with its beautiful alpine landscape and its diversity.

Tauplitz is not only a town of natural beauty: it also offers a wide range of opportunities for active recreation and fun. In the winter months, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can practise their favourite sport on the snow-covered slopes, while in the summer, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities lovers can enjoy exploring the mountains and valleys.

Finally, the welcoming community and friendly atmosphere of Tauplitz will ensure that everyone feels at home in the magical surroundings of this small town. Whether for relaxation, exploration or adventure, Tauplitz caters for all needs and offers visitors a memorable experience.

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For example, you can find an easier hike on the following page: https://hu.bergfex.com/sommer/steiermark/touren/wanderung/1272822,lessern-tauplitz-naturwanderweg/ 

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